You say you have been operating for over 20 years but I can’t find any history of Albiontouring going back that far.

Albiontouring was formed quite recently by a team whose experience in tour guiding goes back over 20 years. So although the company is new, those in it have a long and wide experience of the tourist industry.

Some of your tours require a deposit, others do not; why is that?

Deposits will be required in most cases for accommodation reservations. We also require a deposit for our own tours depending on the type.

I need wheelchair access: do you supply such a service?

Yes, we do. Our Mercedes-Benz Vitos carry a ramp and restraining straps as standard. The vehicle can carry up to six passengers.

You say many of your tours have 0% deposit: which ones?

All our taxi tours are 0% deposit. All other tours are subject to a deposit schedule: contact us for details.

We have young children: do you supply child and booster seats?

Yes: please give us written notice beforehand for us to arrange child and booster seats

You say that some of your tours are wheelchair friendly: which ones?

All our taxi tours are wheelchair friendly and are fitted with ramps and steps. There is storage space in the front of the taxi to store strollers and wheelchairs. All driver/guides are trained and qualified to carry wheelchairs. We can provide certification if required.