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Groundhog day…again

05 February 2018 Spring is not yet showing its hand here in England – temperatures are low but pulses are quickening nonetheless as the eyes (and camera lenses) of the world finalise their plans for the wedding on Saturday 19th May 2018- of the 33-year old Prince Henry Charles Albert David Windsor (that’s Prince Harry […]

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New for 2018

New for 2018 To celebrate 25 years in the tour business we’re proud to announce our scheduled tour of King Arthur’s England – a day trip from London to the heart of the West Country and the realm of King Arthur. Highlights include: Inclusive pick-up wherever you’re staying in London No silly early morning starts […]

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St. Lucy’s Day

In antiquity St Lucy’s Day, the 13th December, was considered to be the shortest day of the year (in the Julian Calendar). John Donne’s poem depicts that most gloomy of all days in his poem King James I once described John Donne’s poetry as like the Grace of God, “it passeth all understanding”. I think […]

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Yuletide, as the cliche goes, is lost in the mists of time. The term “Yule” is said to refer to the month of December amongst the Germanic peoples of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. It possibly refers to the “wild hunt” of gods hunting in the northern skies of Europe, possibly inspired by the northern lights. […]

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Happy All Saint’s day!

On All Saint’s Day in medieval times beggars would approach households offering to pray for their dead relatives in exchange for food or a treat. This practice was suppressed by the protestant Queen Elizabeth I but it survived in rural areas from whence it was taken to the New World. Over the years asking for […]

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