Winchester Cathedral

15th July: St. Swithun’s day.


Saint Swithun came from the city of Winchester (see above, Winchester cathedral) where he is buried and his shrine can still be seen.

During the construction of a bridge over the river Itchen he accidentally bumped into a lady who dropped some eggs she was carrying which broke on the floor. St. Swithun picked them up and they were miraculously made whole again.

A very modest man, St. Swithun insisted that on his death he should be buried outside the cathedral as he considered himself unworthy of burial within.

150 years later it was decided that St. Swithun’s body should be exhumed and re-interred within the cathedral. And on that date, 15th July, the heavens opened and wept over the body of St. Swithun for the next 40 days. On this date should it rain it is said it will rain for 40 days thereafter but if it should be fair it wouldn’t rain either.


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